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The Importance of Planning

Clients come to us with a variety of financial questions and concerns: How much will I need when I retire and am I on the right track to get there? How much life insurance should I have? What estate documents are appropriate for my situation? I want to retire but will stock market volatility prevent me from doing so? What are the best retirement pension elections for my situation?

We know that not every client who comes to us has the same goals and needs. At Keatley Wealth Management, we won’t offer you a one-size-fits-all solution. Rather we will work with you to develop a comprehensive plan as unique as you are, whether you are looking to retire, plan for college, or invest an inheritance.

An extremely important part of our financial planning process is our scenario testing. If you are retired or considering retirement, we will crunch the numbers to see how your retirement resources will hold up under a variety of worst-case scenarios. If the projected results under the worst-case assumptions fall short, we can work with you to devise strategies for success even in difficult economic times.

Investment Management

We begin the investment management process by working with you to create your individualized Investment Policy Statement. This document is the foundation of our investment management relationship: it establishes clear objectives, defines your asset allocation policy (what types of investments and how they are best allocated) and identifies your goals and constraints with respect to the timing and amounts of withdrawals, taxes and other considerations.

The most important reason for developing an Investment Policy Statement is to articulate your tolerance for investment risk in the context of your overall situation. We discuss the risks associated with different types of assets and ensure that you have a clear understanding of the potential impact that volatility and investment risk can have on your portfolio. Based upon your unique risk tolerance and life circumstances, we establish and document the appropriate investment parameters that will define your asset mix.

Academic research repeatedly confirms that to minimize investment risk and provide the most consistent returns, investors should have low cost, well-diversified investment portfolios. We utilize buy-and-hold strategies that provide clients with low cost, tax-efficient, broadly-diversified global investment portfolios. We take the emotion out of investing and we maintain our clients' strategic asset allocations through disciplined rebalancing in times of market fluctuation. And we use tax-loss harvesting strategies, when appropriate, to enable you to keep more of your money. When it comes to investment strategy, we avoid speculation and we certainly do not chase the latest fads in the financial markets. We also understand that it is impossible to know the future and that diversification is the only reliable antidote to uncertainty.


Once the Investment Policy Statement has been agreed upon, we oversee the establishment of new accounts and related asset transfers. Keatley Wealth Management does not take possession of any client assets. New accounts are established at a nationally-recognized investment company that acts as custodian for our client accounts.

Because we are an independent fee-only firm, Keatley Wealth Management is able to consider a wide range of available investment vehicles and make selections based on what is best for our clients. Furthermore, we offer access to low-cost institutional mutual funds that are available exclusively through fee-only advisors. We favor mutual funds and exchange traded funds that provide consistent asset class exposure, low operating expenses and a high degree of tax efficiency. Minimizing expenses and taxes helps you keep more of your investment returns. Over time, these savings compound and the gains can be significant.

Ongoing Monitoring and Rebalancing

Evidence suggests that disciplined, periodic rebalancing can add up to 1% or more to a portfolio's annual expected return. As time passes, investment portfolios drift from their initial asset allocations, changing their risk and return characteristics. We monitor our clients' investment portfolios and rebalance when necessary to keep the asset allocations within the desired limits.

Reality Check

We measure investment performance against commercial market indices. It is also important to use your goals as a yardstick to measure how your investment portfolio is working for you. If you are retired, are you living comfortably? If you are still working, are you on track for the retirement you want? Do you feel in control of your finances? Can you sleep at night in times of market volatility?

We provide you with quarterly reports that are informative and easy to read. We calculate quarterly investment performance, net of our advisory fee, so you can see how your accounts are doing. Beyond the numbers, we want to keep the conversation going. We get together as often as needed to talk about how things are going, discuss any new financial concerns and revisit your Investment Policy Statement. Keatley Wealth Management is your long-term partner in helping you achieve your goals.

Our Fees

Initial and ongoing financial planning services are included in the fee our clients pay to receive ongoing investment management. Investment management fees are deducted from client accounts quarterly.

Our annual investment management/financial planning fee is:

1.00% on the first $1 million

.75% for the next $2 million

.50% on amounts over $3 million

Our minimum annual fee is $10,000.

Because we do not charge separately for financial planning services, we are unable to accommodate individuals who wish to have stand-alone planning services charged on an hourly or by project basis.